The rescue kit is required if the Valve Controller has shut the water off and will not reopen, for example, if the batteries are flat in the Valve Controller. The rescue kit allows you to control the mains water directly though the Valve.


First, you will need to have a bucket or bowl to hand along with your Waterlock Rescue Kit. The installer should have left this in a memorable place, it consists of a bypass connector and a hose removal tool.


Next, you will need to locate the Valve Controller which is usually near your stopcock. Before going any further, it’s important to have a bucket or bowl underneath the Valve Controller to catch any excess water from the blue pipes.


To fit the rescue kit, we need to remove the two blue hoses located at the bottom of the Valve Controller.


Take the hose removal tool and gently push against the grey coloured rings. With your other hand, pull the hose free from the bottom of the Valve Controller. This is where you may need to catch some excess water.


Repeat with the other hose and then connect the end of each hose with the bypass connector, like so


Your rescue kit is now fitted and this will allow you to control via the valve located next to your stopcock.



You can watch a video guide that shows you how to fit the Waterlock Rescue Kit here: