If you have purchased a Waterlock leak detection and prevention system and have multiple Sensors in your house, you may wish to rename them so that it is easier to identify and locate them within the Waterlock App.

Once your sensor has been paired, you will have the ability to rename it to something more convenient, such as “Bathroom Sensor” or “Leak detector” which will help you identify its location.

Follow these steps to rename a Sensor within the Waterlock App:

To rename the sensor, click on the three dots on the bottom right which sends you to the settings page. 

Click “Manage Devices”. 

Click on the three dots next to the device you wish to rename, in this case, the sensor. 

Enter the name you wish to use and tap save. Your device will have now been renamed, and you can repeat the process for any other devices you may have.


You can watch a video guide that shows you how to rename a Sensor within the Waterlock App here: www.geotogether.com/waterlock/pairing-and-naming-sensors-video/