If you are looking to purchase the Waterlock leak detection and prevention system, there is information you will need to have at hand at the point of purchase to ensure your house is compatible and that you order the correct kit.

Firstly you need to locate the Stopcock to ensure there is suitable space nearby for the Valve. Stopcocks are usually stored in a cupboard under a sink.  

The Valve needs to be situated on an unobstructed run of pipe between the stopcock and the first bend, split or obstruction in the pipe.

As a guide, the width of an A4 piece of paper or a similar sized magazine, at least 21cm wide will provide enough space to install the system appropriately. 

Once you have established how much space is around the stopcock, we need to check what your pipes are made of. The Waterlock system is only compatible with either copper or plastic pipework, it is not compatible with lead pipes. 

Next, you will need to find out the diameter of pipe closest to your stopcock to ensure the correct installation kit is ordered. 

The pipe is usually either 15mm or 22mm in diameter. If you do not have a ruler to hand, you can use a 5 pence piece or a 1 pound coin as a of guide. 

A 15mm pipe will just be smaller than the diameter of a 5pence piece. Whereas a 22mm pipe will be about the same diameter as a 1 pound coin.

You will be asked at checkout what size your pipe is, you must select either 15mm or 22mm. If you provide incorrect information, the wrong kit will be delivered which will lead to the installation failing. 

For further information, please watch our pre-purchase information video: www.geotogether.com/waterlock/purchase-information-video/