IMPORTANT: Placing your sensors is critical to the effective operation of your Waterlock system.

The Waterlock sensor detects standing water using the two small metal springs on the underside of the device. It requires the device to be horizontally on a flat surface near the source of the leak, allowing any escaping water to get underneath the sensor. Mounting the sensor on a wall or shelf or in any other raised position, or away from the location of a potential leak, will prevent your sensor from detecting and reporting standing water.

Good locations for positioning your sensors are:

  • Kitchens and utility rooms (near appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines)
  • Lofts and roof spaces (if you have a cold water storage tank and/or exposed water pipes)
  • Locations of previous leaks or water damage (there is an above-average chance of further leaks in the same places)

NB: It may also be useful to place a sensor in a bathroom if you are concerned about bad seals around bathtubs and shower trays and overflowing baths, but finding a good spot for a sensor in a bathroom that avoids unhelpful high humidity and standing water notifications (e.g. temporary humidity spikes caused by a long hot shower or small amounts of water spilled on a bathroom floor) can be difficult and may not be practical in all cases.