The Waterlock system comprises a number of battery powered devices.  The Valve Controller and Sensors are powered by AA size Alkaline batteries only, which are fitted at installation, but over time, these will deplete.  Waterlock includes a notification system that will alert you to low, and critical battery levels. 

Low battery warning - This warning gives you advance notice that your batteries are getting low.  You should replace them as soon as practicable.

Critical battery warning - This warning advises you that your batteries are in a state where operation of the Waterlock system can no longer be guaranteed.  The batteries should be replaced as soon as possible.

NOTE - Waterlock is designed to protect your property from the extensive damages caused by escape of water.  Good quality batteries must be used to ensure longevity and quality of operation.

Changing batteries in the Valve Controller

The Valve Controller contains 2 AA Alkaline batteries.  The batteries within the Valve Controller can be replaced as follows:

  1. Locate the lifting pads on the side of the Valve Controller

2. Gently prise the Valve Controller front from the body, exposing the batteries

3. Remove and replace the batteries within the Valve Controller, noting the correct orientation

4. Replace the front until it is located firmly into position

5. Recycle the old batteries where possible

Changing batteries in a Sensor

Waterlock Sensors contain a single AA Alkaline battery.  In order to change this battery you will require a small Phillips screwdriver.

  1. Turn the Sensor upside down and locate the 4 retaining screws on the underside

2. Undo the screws, and place them aside, taking care not to lose them

3. Turn the Sensor upright and gently separate the base from the plastic cover

4. Remove the old battery, noting its orientation, and replace it

5. Replace the cover onto the base.  There is a single 'key' and 'slot' to ensure that the cover position is correct. Ensure that these are aligned when reassembling


You can watch a video guide that shows you how to change the batteries in a Sensor and Valve Controller here:


  • How many batteries does my Valve Controller need? - The Valve Controller requires 2 AA Alkaline batteries.
  • How many batteries does my Sensor need? - The Sensor requires 1 AA Alkaline battery.
  • Do I need any tools to replace the batteries? - The Valve Controller needs no tools to replace the batteries.  The Sensor requires a small Phillips screwdriver to remove the 4 retaining screws.
  • How long do my batteries last? - Under normal operating conditions, your batteries can be expected to achieve a lifetime of 2 years.  Only high quality batteries should be used in your Waterlock system.