Checking the Current Status

In the unlikely event of an issue with your Waterlock Valve Controller, your Valve can be operated without the Waterlock system running.  How this is done will depend on the status of your Valve Controller. 

Controlling the Valve when the controller is in the OPEN position

In order to close your Valve when your controller is in the OPEN position, the rocker switch on the Valve itself may be operated.  This will allow you to both close, and reopen the Valve.


The rocker switch on the top of the Waterlock Valve can control the water supply if your Valve Controller is in the OPEN Position

To check the status on the Valve Controller, pressing the Valve Controller button will light the LED to indicate the current status of the Waterlock Valve. 

1.      A green LED indicates that the Valve is currently OPEN

2.      A red LED indicates that the Valve is currently CLOSED

Controlling the Valve when the controller is in the CLOSED position

Waterlock is inherently designed to fail ‘safe’ – meaning that in order for the Valve to be open, both the Valve Controller and the rocker switch on the Valve itself must be in the OPEN position.

In the event that your Valve Controller remains in the CLOSED position, it will need to be bypassed in order to control the Valve manually.  Within your Waterlock installation kit, we have included a bypass adaptor.  It is recommended that this procedure is completed by a plumber where possible, however in the event of emergency, anyone with reasonable DIY skills  would be able to complete this task.  If in doubt, please contact geo Support.

In order to install the adaptor:

  • Locate the Valve Controller, and the plastic tube connections on the base

  • NOTE – the next stage may result in water spilling from the tubing. Place a bowl, bucket or pan  beneath where you are working to minimise spillage.  Ensure that you have your bypass adaptor ready to install prior to disconnecting the hoses.
  • Using the blue release tool, compress the grey connectors that hold the blue hose into the Valve Controller by pushing them into the unit. Gently pull the blue tubes clear of the unit and insert them (either way round) into the connectors on the bypass adaptor.  Ensure that they are pushed in as far as they can go.

  • Ensure that the tubes are securely inserted into the bypass adapter and that there are no leaks.   The rocker switch on your Waterlock Valve may now be used to control your water without the need for the Waterlock system components.