Log into the Waterlock App

To log into the Waterlock App, tap on the App icon on your mobile device and enter your email address and password. Ensure you enter these details correctly. You can always check what you have typed by using the show/hide feature within the form field after you have entered the password. By default we always hide your password when you enter it. Tap the [ Log in ] button to log yourself into the App.


  • I've forgotten my password - If you have forgotten your password, simply tap on the [ Forgot your password? ] link that appears below the Password field to reset your password
  • I've tried to log in several times and now you've locked my account - For security, we will lock a geo account after 3 failed attempts to log in have been made. Please wait and try again in 5 minutes.
  • I suspect my account has been locked - We ask that you wait 5 minutes and try again, if your account remains locked, please contact geo Support.
  • Can I use any email address to log in - You must use the email address you entered when you created your account
  • Can I change my password - Yes, when logged into your geo account you can change your password via the Settings screen