For awareness, as of W/C 09/04/18 - We will be migrating the remaining 500 CP1 users to CP2.

Expected issues are listed below and what we need to do if we receive calls of this nature:

Out of around 500 users left on CP1. 350 of which are still using the old app. The other 150 have an issue with the display accelerometer, meaning the display is confused as to whether it is on the dock or not.

For the app issue:

Customers will not be able to login to the app unless they upgrade it – we may get a few calls for this but should be a simple fix for Sitel to ask them to upgrade their app. If their operating system is too old to update their app they will need to use the Web App.

Display issue:

The only issue that will be caused by the display issue is that customers will not be able to associate new users onto their Cosy. Existing will be fine and not impacted in any other way. It’s only if customers want to add a new user they will not be able to press the button on the display to activate the secure code due to the problems with the accelerometer - in which case a ticket will need to be sent to Geo 2nd Line who will then log with engineering to manually associate the new user.