By tapping on the screen you can choose to have a view of each individual fuel or both. You can also check your pounds & pence view ‘now’ or ‘so far today’ which gives you the most comprehensive insight into your usage and costs. You can then check your energy expenditure in the morning and in the evening. This will give you a good idea of your average daily spent.

Under the ‘History’ section you can also select a time period (for example a specific day) and see at what time you used the most energy as well as an indication of the cost of the activity. You can also set a budget for gas or electricity consumption this winter. Select the maximum expenditure you want or let the device recommend a target budget for you based on your household profile.

You can also get tips on energy usage on your smart energy monitor by selecting the menu icon, then the help icon and looking through ‘energy saving tips’. This can give you everyday advice on how to reduce energy wastage during cooking, laundry etc.